Thursday, August 27, 2009

UNICEF & United Nations Provide Students with Opportuntiy to Participate in Secretary General High Level Summit on Climate Change

The Secretary General High Level Summit on Climate Change will take place on September 22, 2009. It is anticipated that over 100 world leaders will be in attendance for the Summit. Selected delegates will participate in the Secretary General’s Opening Session by presenting their ideas in a document to world leaders and creating a video on climate change solutions, which they will present during the Session. The delegates will also participate in the Closing Session of the Summit, as well as the First Ladies' luncheon on children and climate change on September 23. Students will engage in a preparatory programme during which time they will review many facets of climate change with UNICEF technical staff and outside experts.

We are thrilled to have been asked to have our students apply to this program as only 12-15 students will be selected. Eight of our recommended students have alpplied to participate in this wonderful learning experience where they will engage in collaborating with others, public speaking, problem solving, and learning more about climate change and what they can do to help solve this global problem.
In the meantime, you can help: Turn Down, Recycle, Walk,


Anonymous said...

Climate can be defined as the weather conditions in an area over a long period of time. Climate change is considered to be a big issue because it affects major parts of plant life which in turn affects human and animal life. Climate change affects plant life because plants need exact amounts of sunlight, water and minerals. If the climate changes that will no longer be available for them and it will create a reduction in crop yields in most tropical and sub-tropical regions, and according to the definition of climate it is over a long period of time meaning once it changes it will take years for it to change back to its ‘normal’ state. This change affects human life also because it will become harder for humans to survive in climates that were once sustainable for our life form, for example the Sahara desert will become like the Antarctica, making it nearly impossible for cacti to grow and for humans to travel through what was once considered to be a desert. These changes will affect animals as well since animals are second in the food chain and if plants die, certain animals will slowly become extinct too. Climate change has affected me, especially during the summer. Since the whole global warming and climate change stories, I have noticed that the temperatures have been fluctuating during the seasons over the years. If I had opportunity to ask the leaders of the world to do something about climate change, I would ask them what their country is planning to contribute to the climate change issue.

Simit Christian said...

Besides valuing my own security and the future of the planet, concern for the lives of my relatives has raised my apprehension for the effects of climate change. The aforementioned relatives, who reside in India, along with my own family, have experienced some of the extremes of climate change, specifically flooding, heat waves that are a result of temperature increases, and droughts. Living in India, prior to moving to New York five years ago, has given me a taste of what the world awaits if rapid industrial development without eco-friendly restrictions, along with the use of fossil fuels continues. When living in India, prices for grains and meat products would often spike due to common droughts, as a result the proletariat were unable to purchase nutritional necessities. Along with droughts, frequent floods also occurred, where water would often reach peoples waists. Moreover, intense heat waves would regularly cause illnesses and wipeout fragments of the large population. Regardless the aforesaid issues that continue in India, I am not only worried about my own country, but rather use the events happening in India as a lens with which to view what other nations can expect. If I were possible to speak to political figures, I would accentuate further prioritizing environmental conservation in the political system, perhaps even to the extent of security, equality, and peace. Likewise, I would promote additional use of compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas for motor vehicles because they move people towards more efficient transportation and reduced emission that barricade radiation from escaping. Additionally, I would also emphasize the preservation of wetlands as vital ecosystems and defenses against floods. Ultimately, I would importune raising awareness about the possible future of the world, which might eventually yield greater interest and concern for environmental protection.

Aimee Horowitz said...

Nice job Simit and Addy. Simit_n your disucssion of how climate change has personally affected you and your family in India is great and really drives home the point that we need to do something about this before it is too late to fix the mess we have made.

Aimee Horowitz said...

Carolina says:
Climate change is an important issue because it effects the world around us. The climate change refers to increased global temperatures. Therefore, certain factors that contribute to these climate changes are natural events and human activities. This is a primarily caused by increased usage of greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide. Thus, the rapid changes gives a less of a chance of adapting to theses changes which can lead to worse and more dramatic results. The climate changes impacted my life because the sudden changes in weather disrupts certain ecosystems and leads to animal and plant extinctions. Also, climate changes brings an alarming increase in outbreak and epidemics of diseases throughout the land and the ocean, If i would be able to speak to a world leader, I would discussed on the control and consumption of certain industrial countries that release high amount of greenhouse gases. On the same hand, issues such as deforestation and destruction of the wildlife, contributes to the the greenhouse effects. Futhermore, controlling and discussing about these issues, can lead to better resolutions help our planet in this environmental crisis.


Aimee Horowitz said...

Congratualtions to member of the class of 2010, Simit, who was selected as one of 12 students to participate in what promises to be an incredible learning experience as well as a real chance to be heard and to make a difference in the world. (This may also be able to be the basis of your senior capstone project!!!)

I am proud of all of you who took time out of your vacations to apply foo the program! This really demonstrates your commitment to learning and to being an active global citizen!