Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Share Your Summer Experiences With the CSIHSIS Community!

This summer CSI students , staff , and their families have traveled to England, China, to a variety of countries in Africa, to Canada, to Puerto Rico and other areas of the Caribbean, as well as throughout the United States. Additionally, students have completed internships, have had work experiences, and have participated in a variety of summer programs including film making programs, athletic programs, and arts and academic programs. It would greatly enrich our community if you could share your reflections, your photos and your learning from your summer experiences with us.

I was fortunate to participate in Alan November's Building Learning Communities Conference in Boston this summer. The conference focused on using technology in classes to enage students in active learning and to build student and professional learning communities. Hopefully we will be trying screencasting and digital story telling in addition to having students collaborate through the use of google docs. We are also considering having students develop digital portfolios through the use of blogs. As I participated in the conference, I had the opportunity to practice using some of the tools we hope to incorporate into learning this year. We twittered and tweeted to share our learning, we took notes simultaneously sharing our product using google docs, and had opportunties to experience new ways to engage learners using technology. Tlo read a little about what I learned, and to learn more about why it is imperative to engage students using technology read Alan November's article "Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm"
Now I am off to Puerto Rico to learn how to relax and to enjoy some time with my family.

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Aimee Horowitz said...

It seems that due to hurricane season, Puerto Rico was not in the cards. Drove to Montreal instead. Visted McGill University, where my son is a sophomore; a great school with a very diverse academic community in a wonderful city; certainly a school I would recommend for CSIHSIS students. Visited historic Old Montreal, hiked to the peak of Montreal and took in the beautiful views, and just enjoyed the city!!! It was a great experience.