Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 2009 Regents Exam Schedule

CSI High School will be offering the following Regents Examinations:

Wednesday, August 12
12:15 pm
Regents Examination in Global History & Geography
Regents Examination in United States History & Government

Thursday, August 13
8:15 am
Integrated Algebra

12:15 pm
Living Environment
Earth Science (Note: Students scheduled for Earth Science must take the Practical Portion of the exam on August 10th at their appointed time).

Please note that these exams are New York State exams and are given only the dates and times listed above. If you miss the exam you will not be able to retake the exam until the next adminstration in January, 2010.

We encourage all students taking exam to participate in the review sessions being offered at our school this week and to study independently using classnotes, Regents Review books, and www.regentsprep.org

Please make sure that on the day of your exam you arrive to school on time, prepared with pens, pencils, and highlighters having had a good night's sleep and eaten a good breakfast.


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