Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help Us Get Started with AP English Language & Composition

Senior Staff


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I teach in a New York City public school. My students are selected for our school based on a lottery, and all classes are heterogeneously mixed. Furthermore, my journalism class is a bridge class of students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Our newspaper, which we publish 6-8 times a year, is international in that our articles have a global focus, students collaborate with students in other countries to write articles together, and we have a network of schools from around the globe with students who report for our newspaper.

In my bridge journalism class, I have students who are interested in sitting for the AP Language and Composition exam in May of 2010. I have the curriculum available for the students, but we do not have funds for the necessary books that are required. My students have scored in the 95th and 96th percentile on the New York State English Regent exam in the last two years; thus, they are quite capable of taking the AP Language and Composition exam, and should be challenged to do so. In order to succeed, they need the necessary textbooks and literature.
Adding the the AP Language and Composition course to the journalism curriculum will provide the challenge many of my high achieving students need and, since much of the AP curriculum will be infused into the class, all the journalism students will benefit from the lessons on critical reading and writing. My hope is that over time, more students will elect to take on the AP component of the journalism course. Further, students taking the AP course will have the benefit of earning college credit while in high school. Finally, the lessons on critical reading and writing will enhance our news reporting and lead to the further improvement of our newspaper.
Your help in acquiring the needed literature for the AP Language and Composition exam will make it possible for my students to succeed in becoming skilled readers and writers as well as help them begin reaching their college goals. Likewise, you will be an integral part of allowing our newspaper to expand, as the literature will provide challenging reading and writing activities.

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Aimee Horowitz said...

We are on our way! Only $262.00 to go until this proposal is fulfilled. Help us out! Send it to friends, relatives, business associates and donate yourself! Help us continue to create a challenging, rigorous and rich learning community!

Aimee Horowitz said...

We are so excited!!! Ms. Kaplan's proposal has been fulfilled. On behalf of our student and our adult learning community I want to thank the generous donors as well as the Gates Foundation for their matching program. This class will now be a reality for our students from the start of school! Thank you all so much for realizing how important it is to keep on challenging our students and providing them with new learning opportunities!