Thursday, August 27, 2009

Journey Into Journalism

Once again we need your help to enhance our students' learning experiences in Journalism.
As our journalism class is made up of students in three grades, the curriculum and reading selections must be differentiated to meet the needs of the students in those grades. Seniors, who have been in the journalism class for a year or more, need new literature that will challenge and engage them, while expanding their knowledge of the field of journalism.

The Elements of Journalism is a classic nonfiction piece about the responsibility reporters have to their audience. In addition, this book will provide insight into all aspects of the journalism profession. Since it is written by journalists, it is a valuable source for our students who are eager to learn and improve as high school reporters and who may be interested in careers in journalism.

Your help will ensure that our senior students continue to be challenged and engaged in this course. As the mentors in the class, this book will help them move closer to becoming effective mentors who practice professional high school reporting.

Any donation that you can afford, as well as your passing this proposal on to others who may be interested in helping enhance our Journalism Program is appreciated. Click here to donate to this worthwhile project:

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Aimee Horowitz said...

Read what the generous donors to this project have to say:

"I gave to this project because I believe Ms. Kaplan is an excellent teacher and I am a strong believer in Literature & Writing education."
Lorraine Santangelo gave in support of this project.

"Thank you, Mrs. Santangelo. Mrs. Kaplan"

"I gave to this project because I know from my son, Sean, that Ms. Kaplan goes above and beyond for the CSI International students! We appreciate her."
Judi from New York gave in support.

Natalila from gave in support of New York 4 days ago

"I gave to this project because i have 2 children in csi high school for international studies and would like my school to benefit from my various donations to donors choose good luck in the new school yeat"
EILEEN barone NY gave 5 hours ago

We are so excited that this project has been fully funded! That's three in a row!!!! Thanks so much to all of our donors on all three proposals. Our journalism program and students' leanring experiences will be ehanced as a result of your generosity.