Friday, August 21, 2009

NYC Marathon 2009

When I got home after surviving the rip tides this morning during a training swim in the pre-hurricane ocean waters of the Jersey Shore, I went online to read all about how the Yankees will sweep the Red Sox to find my confirmation email for entry into this years NYC Marathon. The marathon takes place the first Sunday in November.

I have spent a lot of the summer traveling, and training & racing triathlons - in downtown from reading novels & planning technology curriculum of course! I have been getting ready for an October 4th Half-Ironman. Its a 70.3 mile race that covers 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles on a bike, and a 13.1 mile run. Fun, fun, fun! I am doing that race for the I-Will Foundation. I have raised money without the help of my hardworking advisory because of the summer months so I am eager to return to Advisory and hear all the wonderful ideas they will have for their next service learning project - as I am sure my advisory has been thinking and writing down their ideas all summer, right?

I am running the 2009 NYC Marathon for the Boomer Esiason Foundation Team. This is a charity that raises money for Cystic Fibrosis. Like we did for the Wellness Community, I am sure that the Miano Advisory and our school community will do all we can to help a great cause! Since the marathon is the first weekend in November we'll be working hard from the start of the year.

Can't believe it is August already!

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Aimee Horowitz said...

Sounds like you have been working hard this summer and that your hard work will certainly help others in need. What a worthy cause! I know that the Miano Advisory and our school community will help to make your run an even greater success! Can't wait to hear about your learning at the technology workshop you attended.