Thursday, March 27, 2008


Forty two sophomore and junior students returned today from a three day college tour. Along with Ms. Mammaro, Ms. Lentini, Mr. Livaccari and Ms. Horowitz our students traveled by coach bus throughout the New England area to visit, tour and learn about five different colleges; UCONN (University of Connecticut), UMASS (University of Massachusetts), Boston University, Northeastern, and Tufts.

Thanks to a generous contribution from our PTA as well as grant funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, these students experienced firsthand large public and private universities, universities located in suburbarn and urban areas, campus schools and schools located in the city without a campus, as well as a mid-sized private university. Students learned about admissions requirements; spoke with college students who currently attend these schools; learned about financial aid opportunities, study abroad and internship opportunities, residential life, the various majors and other programs each school has to offer, Greek life and other extra-curricular activities; and how they can help to make their college applications stand out from others.

This experience will help our students realize the type of school they are interested in attending as well as the setting they are looking for as they begin or continue their college search. We are also hoping to offer another college tour (to different schools) in November of next year.

However, as our Spring break approaches, I encourage all of our juniors to plan to visit other schools that you may be interested in attending. Sit in on a class, walk around the campus, arrange for a tour, get a feel for who attends the school and whether you feel like its a good fit for you, learn about whether the school has programs that interest you and what the admissions requirements are and think about what you need to do to ensure your acceptance.

On behalf of all the students who participated on our college tour, I would like to thank Ms. Mammaro, our guidance counselor, for putting together a fabulous itinerary and for making all of our travel and tour arrangements. I would also like to thank our other chaperones, Mr. Livaccari and Ms. Lentini for helping to keep our students safe and for giving of their personal time to accompany us on this trip.

If you have any questions about college, please feel free to speak with Ms. Mammaro!


90's kid said...

The New England college tour was an informative addition towards my college search , in which I started since about eighth grade. It helped me sought out my priorities and map out the steps I still need to encounter to reach my goal of attending a university. From the tour I realize that rural areas are not for me; I need more of a city environment. Boston is a great place. It's a busy city and the home of my new favorite university ; NorthEastern University. North Eastern is one of the schools we visited. It's campus is much different than C.S.I. You can compare it to N.Y.U's campus. They look somewhat alike. Also, another great thing about N.E.U, is their CO-OP program. This program allows students to get an internship in any jobs field they wish to pursue. N.E.U is very diverse; 17 percent of their students are African American ,33 percent are minorities, while 8 percent are from other countries.N.E.U also enforces parts of our school's mission statement; to be culturally aware and supportive. Their Study Abroad Program is very active . N.E.U. seems like a very engaging school and I will encourage you all to visit it ,one day before the day we have to start filling out our college applications. Boston University is another great school, I hope to apply for. It shares certain qualities as N.E.U and is the university of Doctor Martinhbb Luther King Jr.

90's kid said...
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