Sunday, March 2, 2008

From CSIHSIS to Ellis Island...Exploring Immigraion Through Technology

CSIHSIS is proud of an ongoing collaboration between the National Park Service and Save Ellis Island Inc. This collaboration has been made possibe through a grant from the History Channel and will preserve the history of immigration within student's communities.

Our Students have been working in teams to interview immigrants within their community, while also researching census records, ship manifests and immigration documents to locate and learn about specific Ellis Island immigrants who lived in the same Staten Island neighborhoods.

Following their interviews and primary source research, students will compare and contrast the experiences of immigrants then and now by producing 3 - 5 minute Vodcasts (video podcasts) as part of their Global Technology course. Oral history transcripts and recordings will be made available to Staten Island museums and The Oral History Project at Ellis Island, while podcasts will be available for download online.

We are proud to announce the Opening Ceremony of the exhibit at Ellis Island has been scheduled for Saturday June 7, 2008 and will be on display to the public, which includes visitors from around the world, for the duration of the summer.


Aimee Horowitz said...

I am so excited by the wonderful work our juniors have been doing and the training they have been getting in learning how to do oral histories as well as their learning about the immigrant experiecne. I can't wait to see your work exhibited at Ellis Island! How exciting!!!!

Jeanette - NPS said...

For the National Park Service and our partners at Save Ellis Island, working with the CSIHSIS students is exciting and rewarding in many ways. It's giving us a chance to share our parks and exhibits,and our programs and activities with sharp, energetic and talented young adults. The students' work will help us link the stories and experiences of today's immigrants to those of people who entered through Ellis Island up to 100 years ago, and we'll be doing that through the students' lenses and creativity. And we're learning so much about new technology and ways of communicating to our visitors. It's been a great experience and we're very excited to see the final work at Ellis in June!!