Monday, March 3, 2008


On Saturday, March 1, our Model United Nations team participated in the first annual Global Classrooms New York City Model United Nations Conference held at UN Headquarters in Manhattan. The event drew several hundred students from all over New York City, offering students the chance to play the roles of Ambassadors from different countries debating, negotiating, and drafting resolutions on the some of the most critical problems facing the world today. And students got the chance to do this in the very rooms used by UN delegates themselves.

Ten CSI students represented Indonesia. John Harden and Veronica Geager won an "Honorable Mention" their very first time at a Model UN Conference, for their work on the CCPCJ (Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice). A very impressive performance indeed!

Michelle Shed and Ashley Aydin, our team's returning stars and co-leaders, sat on the Security Council, and our ninth and tenth graders staffed the three other committees: Carolina Jimenez and Paulina Plata on ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), Amna Baig and Marisch Perera on UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development), and Robert Keller and Kamylah Bennet on WHO (World Health Organization).
For most of our students, this was their first experience with a Model United Nations conference, and they were excellent representatives of our school -- they were composed, enthusiastic, and dynamic.
-Chris Livaccari
MUN Advisor

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Aimee Horowitz said...

Congratulations to Veronica and John on your awards and to all members of our delegation. It is great to see freshman, sophomores and juniors participating in this wonderful learning experience. You embody the vision and mission of our school. This is something each of you can use in your portfolios!!!!! Thanks also to Ms. Brooks and Mr. Livaccari, our MUN coordinators, for mentoring our students so that they can have these rich experiences to extend their classroom learning experiences. You have made our MUN Program part of the fabric of CSIHSIS and have stuck with it from the start of our school! Every day you are helping our students broaden their horizons and understand diverse perspectives!!!