Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thanks to a generous grant from CUNY, last week along with two students, Miriam and Khadijat, our very own Spanish teacher, Ms. Elissa Garcia and a professor from College of Staten Island, Dr. Susan Sullivan, traveled to Qito, Ecuador in an exchange with students from the Collegio Menor school. While the trip included language immersion and service learning, its main purpose was to have our students begin the process of establishing a relationship with the students of Collegio Menor so that we can arrange for language immersion exchange.

While there both Khadijat and Miriam loved phys ed - salsa dancing and truly enjoyed their hosts' hospitality. Bargaining in Spanish at the market let them use their Spanish language skills in a real life setting as did going to class with their hosts.

We are hopeful that this was a the start of a long relationship with Collegio Menor and that we will participate in a two-way language immersion exchange with them during the next school year.

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