Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Outrageous October

Hey CSI:

Many exciting events happening in October; this month all of you will be taking the PSATs; the sophomores will have a trip to Ring Homestead Camp in Middletown, New York; clubs will start; we will be selecting two students who are taking Spanish to go to Ecuador to help us set up a summer exchange program; we will have Principal for Day; renowned education professor Tom Sergiovanni will visit our school; our school will be visited by a team of international educators to see how we use technology to enhance instruction and global communication; boys soccer team tryouts and practice and girls and boys basketball team tryouts and practice will begin; on October 23rd, students who traveled to China this summer will present a Global Seminar about their trip and what they learned about China and Chinese culture; you will elect representatives for student parliament; on Saturday, October 20th we will have a breakfast and college information session for Juniors and their parents prior to attending the Big Apple College Fair; and our PTA is planning a trip to Great Adventure for Fright Fest!!!! Join us for these events! !! Be an active and involved member of our community! Provide us with feedback! Let us know what else you want!!!

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