Sunday, October 7, 2007

End of First Marking Period-Your Thoughts?

As the first marking period of the new school year quickly comes to a close, we would love to hear your comments, thoughts, suggestions, feedback, etc. about your school experience thus far. This certainly includes feedback from students, parents and teachers. I would love to know what you think about the creativity of assignments, our new independent reading period, blogging in your classes, classes in general, advisory, clubs, homework, Thinkwave, our weekly Parent Coordinator email newsletter, etc. Although I have had the opportunity to hear from a few students in your advisories or because you came to speak with me, this is an opportunity to share with a larger audience.

Now that we are all settled into the school year, this is also a good time for reflection. As you reflect on these past few weeks, you should set some goals for the next marking period and for the rest of the year. Think about and reflect on what worked for you, what you will do differently; how you can ask for and get help if you need it; what you can do to better manage your time; and how you may be able to help others. Share those with us on the blog, share them with your friends, your colleagues, your parents--enlist your peers in helping you to achieve your goals.

Once again, share your thoughts!



legofurby said...

Will the juniors be ranked this year? For those even in the top 50th or 30th percentile, it can be advantageous in applying for colleges.

Aimee Horowitz said...

Originally we thought we would not rank students, however we are reconsidering this. You should know that colleges rank high school students according to their their own ranking system based on the high school's profile because it is so difficult to actually compare students from different schools that have different standards and very different grading systems. I would love to hear more about why you think this is so necessary.

Ronnie said...

I agree with Teresa that ranking can be advantageous when applying to top colleges. Not all colleges use their own ranking system to universally compare high school standards. Harvard, for instance, does not, if I read its admissions criteria correctly. It is true that colleges take the high school's profile into consideration as part of the application process, but at which point in the process? The sheer number of applications received by the more selective colleges is staggering. I would imagine that most applications receive only a cursory read-through. The best schools have an admit rate hovering around 10%. Princeton received 18,100+ applications for admission last year and accepted only 9.7% of its applicants. SUNY - Binghamton received over 25,000 applications and accepted just over 2,500 students. Vassar received 6,000+ applications for just over 600 seats. Of course, these are just examples off the top of my head based on ongoing research. None of these schools are the right fit for either of my kids, but there are students at CSI High School who would flourish at any one of these colleges. A high school ranking in the top 20th percentile might be just the advantage a student like Teresa needs to make it through the first round of elimination when applying to schools of this caliber.

Aimee Horowitz said...

I am listening - lets keep the dialogue going!

legofurby said...

I agree with Ronnie when it comes to the statistics and first-round eliminations.

My suggestion:
Perhaps give numerical rankings to the top 50% of students. The rest can just know that they are in the bottom 50%, so no student(s) can feel bad for being at the bottom of the barrel since they won't know their exact number.

Miriamc said...

This marking period i tried my best to keep my grades above an "S".In most of my classes i should be receiving a G or higher except for earth science.Im a little disapointed that my grade for Earth Science is going to be an "S".I wasn't doing so great on the Homework or quizzes. I completed all of my homework but this year our homework gets graded and it effects our overall grade.
I tried really hard this marking period but it seems as if the grading this year is more harsh.Do colleges assess us based on our junior year or all four years?

Aimee Horowitz said...

Colleges look at all of your high school grades, beginning with your grades from freshman year. Also, if you are having difficulty with Earth Science, I suggest you ask Ms. Lombardi or Ms. Fisher for some extra help. I am sure one of them would be willing to help you either during lunch or in the morning. You may also want to pair up with a friend who is doing well or form a study group with a group of friends. You can meet at school; let me know and we will find a space for you!