Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I am really excited to see you all tomorrow in your costumes and hope that we can have fun while learning and participating in what has become an American tradition. We are hoping that dressing in fun, yet safe and appropriate costumes will also become part of a tradition at our school that you all have helped to establish.

The staff want you all to know that we greatly value student voice and are giving you the opportunity to demonstrate how listening to your voices can help to create a positive and fun environment for learning .

Just so everyone remembers:
  • All costumes must comply with the school and the Chancellor's dress code!
  • Absolutely no weapons!
  • No costume that is offensive to a person's race, religion, gender or ethnicity!
  • No costume that will prevent you from participating in learning activities in your classes!
  • No very big accessories on costumes that can pose a danger to you or others or can get in the way of other students in classes, such as large angel wings!
  • No profanity!

Again, I have heard pleas for the last two years about being able to wear costumes on Halloween. This year, Ms. Zinn and I were presented with an impassioned letter from students that detailed a plan for Halloween, including the guidelines listed above. The faculty has decided that because we were presented with a well written plan, more than one day before Halloween, that we would allow costumes this year as a trial. Please make sure that if you choose to wear a costume, it complies with the guidelines. That will enable us to establish a Halloween tradition at our school! Can't wait to see all of your costumes!

Be safe! Share your thoughts about the day!

Watch for the first edition of The International Insider!!!


Aimee Horowitz said...

So - you all convinced me! Costumes can be a Halloween tradition at CSIHSIS! Today was a great and fun day! It was wonderful to see students and staff enjoying the fun of Halloween. I loved seeing Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy, as well as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. On a more contemporary note, I hope the pregnant Brittany Spears gets her life in order!!! Your creativity and imagination continues to amaze me. I hope you all enjoyed the day. You have helped to establish yet another CSIHSIS tradition!!!!

daniellesmom said...

Glad to hear they behaved themselves!

jtotheusa said...

The spirit of the school was truly alive and beaming!
-Ms. Lima

BreP said...

The costumes were so fun!! i'm very glad to hear that every one liked my costume!! And don't worry i told britney to get her life together and take care of her child!

Can't wait until next halloween!

~Breanna P aka Britney!

missxxxgiggles said...
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