Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things to Celebrate!

We have so many things to celebrate as the year comes to an end. Although I can't hope to list them all, here are a few things that have happened recently that we are very proud of:
•Twenty seven students no longer have to attend mandated after-school tutoring. Fourteen who did not have to attend last marking period, now have to attend. Many thanks to Elissa Garcia and Jennifer Lima for organizing the program, for helping students in need, and for supervising our college tutors.
•Twenty two junior students will be receiving waivers to take courses at CSI during the spring semester. They will take everything from chorus, photography, and sculpture to American government, business, political science, and physics.
•Freshman, sophomore and juniors will be enrolled in College Now courses in either Psychology or Sociology.
•Junior student Kasey Fausak will depart for Argentina on 12/25 and will then voyage to the Antartic with Students on Ice. Her trip is fully paid through a scholarship she won.
•The CSIHSIS Dragons Girls Basketball team has had two wins, with its most recent win being against Petrides in overtime. Congrats to the entire team for their outstanding teamwork, to Kaitlin Moriarity for scoring the winning basket in overtime, and to their coach, Ms. Zinn!
•The CSIHSIS Dragons Boys Basketball team recently defeated Bay Ridge Prep from Brooklyn. Congrats to the entire boy's team, to captain Shaun Quinto for his outstanding leadership and to their coach, Frank Benigno.
•Congrats to Parliament on getting our school involved in helping to fulfill the wishes of less fortunate children and their families during this holiday season and for starting a blog where anyone can make suggestions and ask questions of the student government.
•Congratulations to Darlene Akanmu, the talented winner of our Sophomore Poetry Slam!!!! Kudos to everyone who participated in this exciting event. Many thanks go out to Nancy Kaplan and Heather Prevosti for organizing the slam, and to our guest Poet, Lamont Dixon for sharing his enthusiasm and energy.



Aimee Horowitz said...

Happy to share more good news! We just learned that Elissa Garcia was awarded a New York Serve and Learn Mini-Grant! Read on!

This year the New York Learn and Serve Network Mini-Grant Program received a large number of high quality grant proposals including yours. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reward your service-learning project with a $500 grant!

We are very excited about working with you the rest of this academic year and to hear from your students at one of our student conferences in Spring 2008.

Congratulations to Ms. Garcia and many thanks for taking the time to write the grant that will benefit our students and the community.

Samantha said...

can the link for the parliament blog be posted here?

Aimee Horowitz said...

What is the link? I will link it! Great idea!