Monday, December 10, 2007


Just wanted to share some good news with our school community. Today I was notified that Ms. Garcia's second Donor's Choose proposal has been fulfilled. Thanks to Ms. Garcia taking time and initiative to write this proposal and thanks to the generosity of the donor's, all students in Ms. Garcia's Regents Level Spanish class will be provided with Regents Review Books as well as computer software for Regents Review. This is the sixth Donor's Choose proposal that our school has had fulfilled. Previously fulfilled proposals were for bookcases, independent reading books, knitting supplies, a CD player and CDs with music from other countries, and supplies to create our Day of the Dead altar and celebration.

Donor's Choose is a website that allows teachers at schools across the country to post proposals for projects and materials they need to enhance their students; learning experiences. Individuals can then donate any amount they choose to help fund the proposal. To learn more about the site visit

Share this site with friends and family so that we can continue to have proposals that enrich our students' educational experiences funded.

Read excerpts of the letter I received from Donor's Choose below:

Dear Head of School:

Your colleague, Mrs. Garcia recently earned support at for "Review Books For N.Y.S. Regent Exam In Spanish":

We are emailing some of the teachers at your school to help raise awareness of these resources' arrival. Our hope is that you can all work together to help ensure that these resources reach the intended classroom.

The following resource(s) will be purchased after then and delivered to Mrs. Garcia's attention:
- Barron's Regents Exams & Answers Spanish Level 3 Christopher Kendris (Editor), Maxim Newmark (Editor), quantity 25, $6.29 each
- Barrons Regents Power Pack Spanish Maria F. Nadel, Christopher Kendris, quantity 10, $20.69 each

Thank you for helping to ensure that the resource(s) finds its way to Mrs. Garcia's classroom!

Mrs. Garcia has committed to mail thank-you letters for this project by Feb 25, 2008. When donors receive such feedback, they are typically inspired to fund more student projects, so the sincerity and timeliness of Mrs. Garcia's thank-you letters are critical to getting resources into the hands of more students at your school.

Thank you for fostering an environment where teachers are motivated to seek extra resources for their students!

The Team

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