Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sophomores to Participate in Museum of Jewish Heritage Partnership Program

Thanks to a grant from the Gruss Lipper Foundation, CSIHSIS sophomores will particpate in The Lipper Intern School Partnership Program. This program provides the opportunity for public schools to have a Museum Intern enhance their students' curriculum with a three-part introductory Holocaust/genocide education program. On March 3, 2010, museum interns will conduct a pre-visit session in our students Global History classes. Then on March 10, 2010 the interns will guide our students through the Museum where they will learn first hand from museum exhibitions. Their museum visit will be followed up with a post-visit session in the classroom.

This program will extend our students' classroom learning about the Holocaust and other genocides throughout history. Through experiential learning they will learn about how prejudice and racism are taught and can lead to genocide. We are most excited to be one of the schools chosen as a Lipper Intern Partner School.

The cost of admission, transportation, and workbooks is covered by a generous grant from the Gruss Lipper Foundation.

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Aimee Horowitz said...

It was great to see the Museum interns in Ms. Brooks Global History class. One of our interns attends Queens Collge while the other attends Stony Brook. Through the use of museum artifacts, the interns immediately engaged our students in inquiry based learning so that they could begin to discover how people use propaganda to teach hate and racism. I know that our students and their teachers are looking forward to visiting the Museum on March 10th so that they can continue their learning and delve more deeply into the topic.