Friday, February 5, 2010

Digital Storytelling CRAZE!

Our 10th grade 21st Century Communications class dove into their creative sides to tackle storytelling. Our classes completed a variety of projects, ranging from "All About Me", to "Family History", and "Going Green" and "Climate Change".

Here is a link to our STUDENT BLOG page. You can see individual student websites by clicking a student name. On their site, feel free to watch their digital stories.

Want a lesson in family history? Check out Andrea Puno's project using Google Maps or Amanda Perdoma's FAMILY ROOTS story. Want to know about Matt Prevosti's family? Well, listen to his DIGITAL STORY RAP!

Want a lesson in Climate Change? Then be sure to look at Jamie Miller's Climate Story.

All of our students did a fantastic job in Semester 1. Be sure to look them all over. The only question now will be if this Semesters batch of sophomores can match the level!


Aimee said...

I am so impressed by your creativity in producing these projects about your family histories as well as about global issues. It is wonderful to see how each of you has chosen to present your story in a different way and to learn about your families. As you prepare to complete your end of year portfolios, I encourage you to reflect on these projects and on our Graduate Profile so that you can analyze and evaluate your progress towards meeting the CSIHSIS Graduate Profile.

Aimee Horowitz said...

Matt: I had no idea about your family members and I also love the rap! Your blog background is creative. You need to teach me how to spice up our school blog! Go Yankees and Go Matt!!!!