Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today our entire freshman class joined in the giving by participating in what is now a CSI High School of International Studies tradition established by our inaugural class; they completed The Giving Project. After weeks of working together with other students from their advisory groups, our freshman students visited elementary schools across Staten Island to read multi-cultural stories to first, second, and third grade students and to teach them a lesson they collaborated to create based on their chosen story. The Giving Project has become a special part of our school's culture and is is the first service learning project our freshman students complete. Upon returning to school students reflected on their roles as group members, their experience at the elementary school, and their learning as well as celebrated their completion of the project.

Read what our students have to say as they reflect on their experiences with the project. Learn about their accomplishments during this service learning activity, what they liked about The Giving Porject, what they learned about themselves as they completed the project and more!!

Congratulations to all our freshman on this reaching this freshman milestone!!!!


Chris Manzi said...

Hello. My name is Chris and I'm a freshman at CSI HIgh School. Yesterday, we visited ps4 and it was funny to see the little kids actually listen to the books I'd normally fall asleep reading. I've never been to that school, nor been in a 2nd grade class with me not being part of the class. This is the comment for Ms. Horowitz

Anonymous said...

My name is Nick i am a student here at CSI high school and i am one of the freshmen who went on the trip for the giving project. My advisory class and a few other people that i knew went to P.S 56. My group of four that presented was Alyson, Keri and Kaitlyn. I had alot of fun on this trip and enjoyed teaching 2nd grade students.If I where to ever do this again i would because it was a experience that i am sure the freshmen at CSIHS will never forget.

Victoria Manzo said...

Hi, my name is Victoria Manzo I had an amazing time doing the Giving Project. The preparation was grueling at times, but it all paid off to see the little kids excited faces. All of my siblings are teachers, and before this project I never though I'd want to follow in their footsteps. I'm still not one hundred percent sure I want to, but in doing this I have definitely increased my respect for them and their jobs. I loved the little kids, and feeling adult as I read to them. As kids we don't often get the chance to feel responsible and in charge. This project offered that chance, along with a new, amazing perspective. Thanks to whoever started this freshman tradition, to the advisors for orchestrating the activity, my partners, and to all those who will continue to keep the tradition alive. Hope to have another opportunity just like it!

Habeeb Sheikh said...

Hey There. I am a freshman at CSI HS FOR IS and i recently was part of the giving project. My advisory and I went to P.S4. The giving project was a fun and learning experience. I learned that even 1st graders can put a smile on your face;although they can get annoying sometimes. Teaching 1st graders about a new religion (Islam) , really made me feel proud. I feel like i have opened a door to many of the kids.
Thank you Mrs.Horowitz for setting up this adventurous experience.

Fiona Jung (: said...

Hey, I'm Fiona Jung, freshman in csi and a few days ago i went to P.S.23 for the giving project. I think this was a great way for kids to learn. I had a great time teaching them. Teaching the 2nd graders lessons is a great experience for them and us. Each advisory group had to pick a book and read it to the second graders and also teach an activity plan. I had a great time doing this because seeing the second graders smile and laugh is a really good feeling ! (: