Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Can Help the UN Solve Global Problems!

Did you know that everyday the United Nations works to solve global challenges?

The United Nations:

1. Provides food to 108 million people in 74 countries

2. Vaccinates over 40% of the world's children, saving 2 million lives a year

3. Assists over 34 million refugees and others fleeing war, famine, or persecution

4. Fights climate change and leads a campaign to plant 1 billion trees a year

5. Keeps the peace with 116,000 peacekeepers in 17 operations on 4 continents

6. Fights poverty and helped 300 million rural poor achieve better lives in the last 30 years

7. Monitors, promotes, protects and develops human rights worldwide

8. Mobilizes $7 billion in humanitarian aid to help people affected by emergencies

9. Leads international efforts in clearing landmines in over 30 countries

10. Promotes universal primary education reaching 88% enrolment coverage in developing

To help, during the upcoming week, participate in our Trick or Treat for UNICEF by donating your spare change. Simply place it in the box in your advisory, in the main office, or in one of your classrooms.

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Aimee Horowitz said...

Congratulations to our Key Club members and to all who participated in the Treak or Treat for Unicef Campaign. Our school raised $170.00 for children in Uruguay who are in need. Thanks also to the Key Club Advisor, our own Hattie Slaughter.