Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The International Insider surveyed freshman parents at Simulated School Night to find out how they feel about CSIHSIS for their child, whether they approve of our school environment, and how they feel our school will help their child succeed in the future. Read on for some of their comments:

"By attending a smaller school, my child get individual attention."
"I feel that this school is a great learning place. From the first time we went to the Open House, I just loved it. You could feel a warm, family friendly environment."
"He seems happy so far because he gets Japanese, which he really wanted."
"The environment is very good. I feel it is safe for my child."
"I feel that they will prepare my child with a diversified education in worldly events an different cultures. She will have knowledge of everything that is happening in the world today and that will giver her a great start in college."
"I am hopeful that you will give my child the tools he will need to succeed and grow into a young, intelligent adult. My child is part of the future."
"I feel that it is a safe place. The principal and assistant principal are always watching our for the children's safety. They can be seen in the a.m. in front of the school."

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