Thursday, September 17, 2009

CSIHSIS Welcomes Parents to Simulated School Night

On Tuesday, September 15th CSIHSIS hosted its Simulated School Night. Simulated School Night provides parents an opportunity to experience their child's school day as they go through an abbreviated school day following their child's program. It is a way for parents to meet teachers, to become informed about the content and skills their children will be learning in each of their classes, the goals the teachers and students have established, and how they can support their children's learning and achievement. We are proud to say that more than 200 families participated in this event.

In addition to meeting their child's teachers, parents also met with Ms. Horowitz and Mr. Canale. During that meeting Ms. Horowitz proudly shared our school's, our students', and our staffs' accomplishments. Our inaugural class had 92 seniors. 90 students graduated in 2009. Of the 90, 61 graduated with Regents Endorsed Diplomas and 18 graduated with Advanced Regents Endorsed Diplomas. Our students were accepted to a wide range of prestigious colleges and universities including Brown, Penn State, Howard, MacCauley Honors College, University of Chicago, Hunter, Fordham, Indiana University, SUNY Stonybrook, NYU, RPI, and Northeastern.

Over the summer our students continued their learning through a variety of internships including internships with the Mayor's Office and with The Hungerford School, by attending Business Camp, by participating in the Start Talk Chinese Language Program, by taking college courses at College of Staten Island, by participating in our first ever Freshman Summer Academy, and most recently, 3 of our students were among the 12 selected as delegates to the United Nations Secretary General's High Level Summit on Climate Change.

Additionally, our teachers and administration continued their learning throughout the summer attending Alan November's Conference on Building Learning Communities, a conference on digital storytelling, travelling to China and learning new ways of teaching mathematics, participating in an intensive journalistic writing institute at The Washington Post, and experiencing the culture and doing community service in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We look forward to continuing our learning throughout this year as we build and strengthen our learning community. In October we will be hosting exchange students from Switzerland, having our NHS induction ceremony, taking the PSATs, having an overnight college trip that is generously subsidized by our PTA, having a senior college day at College of Staten Island, participating in The Giving Project, having our first Student Led Conferences, and more. Thanks to our wonderful staff and students our school year is already off to a great start. We are excited about the great achievements our students will make this year and can't wait to tell you all about them!


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