Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Freshman Academy!

This week marks the third and final week of our newly formed Freshman Academy. For the past two weeks this group of twenty five freshman have been introduced to our school building, our faculty, and to the culture of our school through a variety of collaborative learning experiences. They have amazed us with their creativity and, tomorrow, Thursday, July 30, 2009, will demonstrate their learning for their parents as they engage them in an interactive workshop demonstrating how learning looks at College of Staten Island High School for International Studies.

During these three weeks students have delved into the meaning and interpreted our Graduate Profile; have learned about one another's cultures, likes, and dislikes through the use of Power Point; engaged in team building through a drumming circle; have learned graduation requirements for their cohort and have engaged in discussions about the story they will author through their high school transcripts; and have had an incredible bonding experience with their peers and teachers. As students complete the Academy and organize and facilitate our Freshman Spirit Day, they will earn elective credit for their work.

As the culmination to our Freshman Academy, these freshman students will share their experiences with the remainder of our freshman class through Freshman Spirit Day to be held in October. We are hoping that Summer Freshman Academy and Freshman Spirit Day will become part our our school culture and will the CSIHSIS traditions established by our new class of freshman. We hope all our incoming freshman will join us in establishing this new tradition by participating in our Freshman Spirit Day.

For those students and parents who have been a part of the Summer Freshman Academy, we would appreciate your sharing your thoughts via this blog! Looking forward to your feedback!


Melissa Packowski said...

I am looking forward to this freshman class. I have had a great time getting to know those who attended the Freshman Academy. Getting to know the 20+ of the incoming class has been great. We Learned about each others strengths, helping each other grow over the past 3 weeks and getting comfortable with, what will be, your new school home for the next 4 years. Learned the importance of teamwork and working well as a team is a big part of your academic and non-academic life.

Questions to all of you who have participated:
Are you ready for September 9th?
Are you ready to lead the other freshman through the first few weeks of school?
Are you ready to experience all that CSIHSIS has to offer you?

See Ya Tomorrow!

Aimee Horowitz said...

Some additional questions:

What about the start of high school are you most excited about?

What if anything about the start of high school still makes you anxious or nervous?

We are looking forward to your responses - parents too!

Gianna said...

this summer academy os so much fun ! i don't want to leave this summer program. thank you csi for picking me to be in your high school i can't wait till school starts <3

kelly said...

I really appreciated the availabilty of this program to my son. It gave him the opportunity to meet other incoming freshman as well as allowed him to become familiar to the school environment.

I hope others in the future take advantage of this

Sra. Garcia said...

I was truly honored to have been a part of the Summer Freshman Academy. This is a group of friendly, mature, and intelligent young adults, and I am certain they will be successful throughout high school. I hope this is just the beginning of long lasting relationships. GO DRAGONS!