Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Congratulations to Inaugural Class

As we reinstate our blog as a form of communication and a forum for feed back from parents, students, and alumni, I proudly congratulate our inaugural graduating class, the class of 2009. Your academic and personal achievements over the last four years have certainly been remarkable; together with our staff and faculty you have created a community of learners that is accepting, respectful, tolerant, creative and one that strives to be the best it can be! Through the culture you established and the traditions and rituals you began, your legacy will live on. I am confident that our current seniors along with our juniors, sophomores and freshman will continue to solidify the culture CSIHSIS has become known for while building on and adding to the rich traditions you have established. As you reflect on your four years at College of Staten Island High School for International Studies I hope you realize what a remarkable journey you had and how much you learned not only through your classes but through the co-curricular activities and projects you participated in such as The Giving Project, Key Club, our international travel and exchange programs, college visits, Girls Learn International, SILC, The International Insider, Rock-n-Knit, International Fair, your internships, your podcasts of immigrant interviews exhibited at Ellis Island, the movies you made for your Comparative Government through Film course, your portfolio and senior capstone projects, and of course, your experiences with advisory. I also hope you realize how special and unique you are as a group and as individuals and that you take that creativity and drive with you into your bright futures as you continue your learning. Keep in touch with us! We miss you already!

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