Saturday, January 12, 2008


This has been an exciting time for CSIHSIS!

Recently our girls basketball team hosted a visiting team from a girls boarding school in Australia. Our visitors shadowed girls in classes and had a chance to speak with our students about life and school in Australia, what it is like to go attend a boarding school, the similarities and differences between their school and CSIHSIS, and to just share teenage experiences before participating in basketball games with our girls and boys teams.

Our junior student, Kasey Fausak just returned from her Students on Ice scholarship trip to Argentina and the Antarctic. Kasey was accompanied by four other students from New York City (one from each borough) as well as students from many other countries including Israel and Palestine and scientists from all over the world. Kasey will be sharing her experience with our school community at an upcoming Global Seminar, which we hope you all will participate in.

Some of our advisories as well as Spanish classes were recently visited by a friend to CSIHSIS, Catherine Schwenkler, who recently returned from a year long exchange in Peru. While there Catherine had the opportunity to live with two different Peruvian families, to study and learn the indigenous language, and to work with children, teaching them English. Through a beautiful slide show, Catherine shared her experience of living in Peru and how living with a family in another country, from another culture really helped her to experience the culture and the country in deeper way than she could have as a tourist. Our students in Spanish also benefited as Catherine presented to them in Spanish and they asked questions in Spanish.

We are excited as we look forward to the many additional international experiences our students will have this year including our upcoming trips to Costa Rica, where students will be involved in service learning, to Germany, where each student will live with a German family for two weeks and then host the student who s/he lived with when the German students come to the United States, and to Europe, where students will experience Spain, France and England. In the Spring we will be hosting a delegation of thirty students from France. Then, next February, our students will have the opportunity to live with the students we host from France. There are still a few openings for hosting the French students and traveling to France next year. If you are interested in experiencing French culture by participating in this exciting two way exchange program contact Nancy Kaplan at our school.

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