Tuesday, September 18, 2007


As I write this entry I am reflecting back on the wonderful day of team and trust building, fun and adventure that the freshman, the freshman advisors and I experienced today at the Ring Homestead Camp. From the initial team building activities with hula hoops to trust falls and levitating and then to the ropes course, the day was truly a bonding experience. I can honestly say that you all gave me the courage and support to try two things (the trapeze jump and the tight rope) that I never would have dared if you weren't there. I can still hear your cheering, your support and your guiding comments to help me get to the top of that trapeze! I know from talking to many of you individually and then in the advisory debrief, that you also felt the same way; it is wonderful to feel so supported! So, I would love to hear your thoughts on the day; what did you like; how can we make the experience better; what did you learn about trust and about being a team member; did you meet new people from your grade; and do you think we should do this with next year's incoming freshman? I am really excited to hear your thoughts about the day! Please share, and of course, if you have pictures, you can use the tool bar to upload them to your post and share them with the community!


legofurby said...

Where are everybody else's comments? Anyway, it would be nice to have junior study-groups for SAT II subject tests. Maybe some teachers would be interested?

US History
Math II

Aimee Horowitz said...

You should see if there are other students who are interested and then we can see about approaching some teachers. Certainly, the study groups you are forming in AP US History can work for SAT IIs and then, if you have students who are willing to meet on a regular basis, maybe we can work it out so that a teacher also meets with you sometimes. Wednesday mornings would be a great time to meet as a group of students and then, maybe once a month with a teacher after school. What do you think?

legofurby said...

It's great that you are so congenial on the matter. Most students probably don't know they have to / should take the SAT IIs. I doubt enough students will commit to meeting every week, but it's possible that once-a-month meetings could occur.

Ray said...

The trip at Ring Homestead camp was fun. I liked the Zip line everyone tried to go upside down.

Aimee Horowitz said...

I did not get to go on the zip line - I guess I will have to do that with next year's freshman, if they are as good at convincing me to try it as you guys were with the trapeze and the high wire!!!! (I still have a black and blue from that high wire!!)

Aimee Horowitz said...

Check out my new post about SAT II study groups - get the word out to your friends!