Thursday, August 30, 2007

A BIG Thank you!

On behalf of all of our staff I would personally like to thank all of the students who have been here to help us get ready for the start of school. You have moved furniture, stamped books, stuffed and stamped envelopes, helped teachers prepare their classrooms, cleaned the conference room, answered phones, stuffed folders, welcomed teachers who are new to our school, and most of all, made those of us that were here working with you smile and laugh. (Hide and seek was fun too!) Your energy and your enthusiasm are contagious! From the bottom our hearts thanks to Michela, Loretta, Tiffany, Melissa, Kaitlin, Conor, Anam, Alexandra, Vinny, Ann, Justin, Jessica, Steven, Rob, and Manny. We could not have gotten the school ready without you. Your giving spirit and your willingess to give to our school community is truly appreciated! Thank you all!



Hey Ms. Horowitz! By the way, Loretta has one 'r' in it, Caitlin's name actually has a 'k' in it instead of a 'c', Anne's name actually doesn't have an 'e' & you forgot Jessica :] But no problem.

Aimee Horowitz said...

Sorry for the not spelling your names correctly and more importantly for overlooking Jessica- THANKS JESS! But it is the thought that counts! I know that all of the staff and I truly appreciate each of you and all of your help in getting our school ready for our opening day! See you Tuesday!