Thursday, August 19, 2010


Groups of freshman academy students were assigned to decorate a cake that represented our school's graduate profile. Our group's cake was original. We tried symbolize the graduate profile as much as we could.

The gummy bears around the figure of the earth mean that we are all together as a family no matter our race or religion, trying to help the world as much as we can in helping our communities and our global society.

The peace sign also shows goodwill and care towards the planet earth and its people as well our hope for peace.

The math equation represents the math we do in high school as well as skillfully and creatively facing and solving each problem.

CSI'14 is the year us freshman graduate too(:

All of us had a great time in the freshman academy; no one wanted to leave and we all became such close friends!

by Clarissa Bernardo

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leslie said...

This is beautiful and I love the meaning of your cake. Well done!
So Proud of you!

Leslie (Brianna's Mom)