Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Surowiec's Advisory Interviews Volunteer Organization in Argentina

Our Advisory (Ms. Surowiec’s Advisory) is organizing a Movie Night to raise money for an organization in Argentina that helps kids that live in the poorest areas of Buenos Aires. As a result, we interviewed the organization through Skype. We wanted to share with you some of the information we learned about the organization.

LIFE is an organization located in Argentina. It was officially established eight and a half years ago to help the most disadvantaged children in Buenos Aires. However, the founder has been helping the children of Buenos Aires for about twenty years already. There are many people volunteering for the organization.

LIFE has many goals. Two goals mentioned during the interview were: to work in the poorest areas of Buenos Aires and to form a school support program.
Life runs an after school program. There the kids do homework and must complete worksheets before going to play. During the work and fun activities they have snacks. They play board games and a variety of sports.

LIFE also tries to run different events for the children, such as Kids Day and a Christmas party. Their Christmas party is a major upcoming event run by LIFE. The organization takes 300 to 400 to a park for a day of planned activities. As you know, it is summer in Argentina. LIFE provides lunch and presents if they can afford to.

LIFE does not receive any support from a government. Nonetheless, there are many fundraisers held. Many of them are held here in the United States.
LIFE hopes to expand in five years. They would like a few steady and paid employees, a larger office, and a steady funding. They hope to establish a school support program by then.

Our help would go to help organize the Christmas Party for the kids and hopefully to presents that would include school supplies. We hope the students of CSI and their families can support us in our efforts. The organization and we appreciate all the help.

It is also a great opportunity for students of CSI to volunteer for the organization in Argentina one day.


Aimee Horowitz said...

I am so happy that you are using this blog to share your learning about LIFE with our school community. I am also thrilled that you used SKYPE to connect to the organization to further your own learning. I would love to hear from the students about whether you found SKYPE helpful in your learning and why! I am very excited that we are participating in this project and look forward to MOVIE NIGHT and learning more about LIFE!

duke Strikcani said...

I think the interview was a good way to learn more about the organization and its goals. I really thought that they just lived in a bad neighborhood. When we had the interview with Gabriel the son of the president of the organization. He told us how the environment is, and how they really do not get anything but food and clothes . He said that the houses are horrible, there dirty and what not. That’s how when we interviewed him we learned what type of area the kids in Buenos Aires live in. This made us cares even more about the kids.
What I liked about the interview is that Gabriel was such a nice person. He focuses on the kids and wants the best for the them . Also I was surprised on how he never been to an English speaking country and fluently speaks English. This is what I liked about the interview and how educated he was.
The interview represents theme of our school in a great way because the goal of our school are international studies. We are a school that respects other people cultures and we want to be known for helping other countries. SO when my advisory teacher first came up with this idea of helping the kids from Argentina it showed did our school cared about what happens in other countries

BY Dukagjin Strikcani

duke Strikcani said...

The interview with Gabriel was a good way to learn about the organization and its goals, because it helped us become more aware of what the organization was about. We were able to learn about the organization directly from the people who work for L.I.F.E. I liked that the interview was able to get information from the founder’s son. I also liked that he was very helpful and he answered all our questions to the fullest. The Skype interview does reflect a real in-person interview, because it has the same aspects as an in-person interview. Our project reflects how Csi Hs is involved in the aspects of other countries. We are helping Argentina by supplying them with money we raise from Movie Night. Since using Skype I have become more interested in helping the organization reach its goal.
By Ajene Meyers & Carol Hogan

Aimee Horowitz said...

Since you have experienced this learning about the conditions the children in Buenos Aires are living in, I am hoping that you are all encouraging your fiends and relatives to participate in our MOVIE NIGHT so that they too can help the children. You have the power to make a difference!!!!

Aimee Horowitz said...

Can't wait to see how much money you raise at Movie Night! Maybe you want to have some games of chance as well--such as guessing how many beans are in a jar; I have some prizes I can share with you! Let's see if you can sell at least 75 tickets!!!! I think you can!

Aimee Horowitz said...

Congratulations to the entire Surowiec advisory on a very successful Movie Night. Everyone had a great time, you raised money for a worthy cause, you taught people about the work of LIFE organiztion, and you made a difference in the lives of children!!! Our entire school community of proud of your efforts and of your success!

Anonymous said...

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