Monday, May 5, 2008

Junior Student Lands Internship at Digital Edge!

Internship Successes!
Junior Students Explore Careers and Fields of Interest

One of our junior students who is interested in computers recently began his internship at Digital Edge. Matt is currently working with Digital Edge to design and implement an emergency notification program and system if something of high importance occurs at colleges and other large institutions. Matt is one of three student interns selected to collaborate on creating this notification system. Additionally, Matt will be invited to attend an awards luncheon and to meet with the other students to collaborate and create this program. Congratulations Matt!

If you still need assistance in securing your internship, please communicate with Ms. Zinn, Ms. Lentini or your advisor and work with one of them to look through our book of internship opportunities or to secure an internship in a field of your interest.

We look forward to hearing more about this wonderful experience as well as about the experiences and challenges our other student interns are having. Please share with our community by posting about your internship experiences.


Mattrageous said...

Hi my name is Matthew Bowlin I am one of the three students who are developing a security system for high schools and colleges as a scholarship competition. Now I am really excited that I get to be the image of my school in the technology world. So what I and the other two kids are doing is making a security system though the uses of cell phones and email addresses. Well while we working on completing the project in the future when it is completed Mrs. Horowitz can say proudly one of her students helped make schools better for everyone. Also the company digital edge, which is doing the scholarship, will be having competitions every year to also get new ideas to help make high schools better, so sign up next year.

Thank you,

Aimee Horowitz said...

Hey Matt:

It is exciting to hear about what you are doing and learning at your internship both about technology and about working with other people. Your involvement in creating a product/system that will actually be used and and help to prevent disasters/emergencies and save lives is very meaningful. I know that the skills your are developing through this experience will help you be more successful in your post-secondary education as well as in whatever profession you choose.

It would be really wonderful if you could share with our other students how they can find out about the Digital Edge Competitions and Scholarships so that other CSIHSIS students can benefit from this learning opportunity in the future. Congratulations again!!!!