Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sharing our Student's Work

Just want to share with you a poem written about our school by one of our sophomores, who was nice enough to share with me today as she was accompanying a student who is new to our school to his next class. Rosa writes,
Too many kids for these tiny halls,
Graffiti in the bathroom stalls,
Cultural projects on the walls,
The different cultures all around,
Softball girls were the champions with an awesome pitcher on the mound,
Everyone buzzing about the latest fashion,
Students caring for their community with a passion,
And a staff full of excitement and compassion,
Bake sales with cookies and brownies,
Fun filled days with international festivities,
Class trips with follow-up activities,
Creative ideas to give money to charities,
Encouragement comes from the supporting and caring faculty.
The principal that runs this school
makes it excellent and she's really cool.
She helps students in danger and gets them to pass,
Don't let her see you in the hall or she will yell, "GET TO CLASS!"
We yell it out loud,
There's no shame in our game so we loudly proclaim


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i ROCK..enough said (:


Aimee Horowitz said...

You certainly do!!!!

SUSiEX3 said...

R0SA<3 my motivation!

that poem knocked my socks off!

your great im proud to call you my wifey (:

your showing everyone that your a priceless diamond.

i am so very proud of you.

continue donig your great work.

l0VE Y0U<3

Aimee Horowitz said...

I think you should share this or another one of your poems at the poetry slam. You write really well and you should be proud of your work! I know that if you share something else, he will be listening. Be brave! You can do it!!!!


i thinkk i might (:, i really dont wanna slam, i just wanna read it without being all loud and moving all over the place, hehehe shocking right? i thin i might just use something else i have written or write something new, and use that for the slam, and yes i know he will be always (:

Aimee Horowitz said...

So don't SLAM; just read! You will be great either way! You are a great writer. I am sure that whatever you decide to use will be wonderful. Just do it!!!